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Newsletter: AI and China, Elections and YouTube

Feb 02, 2024

G3NR8R #1

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In this issue

💡GPT Enterprise opens the door to scale AI 

😎 Open source overtakes Meta and Google

🤼 Political deep fakes get harder

🌐 The Top 100 people AI people list

😎 Hot takes and news in exponential tech

❌ Bad AI 

Open-Source LLMs close the gap

There's a new top dog LLM in town and it's not OpenAI, Meta or Google. A 180-billion parameter monster called Falcon takes the current honours - 2.5 times larger than Meta's own LLaMA 2 model. 

It's better or close to some big hitters in terms of natural language processing (NLP) tasks and ranks on the Hugging Face (open source repo and community) leaderboard for open-access models.

Why does this matter? A more open AI environment with commercial and open source models available means more competition, more transparency, and less control for 4 or 5 tech giants - and there's the cost. i.e. It's open source. More to come on these over the next six months as the LLM and foundation model wars hot up. 

Google, AI and political ads

With elections coming up in the UK and US in the next 18 months, generative AI will likely play a big part. Google has announced that ads that use AI must be labelled as such, or risk being removed.

An update proposed for November (a year ahead of US elections) will require election-related ads to "prominently disclose" any "synthetic content" that shows realistic-looking people or events.

This follows on from several high-profile deep fakes depicting Trump, Zelensky, and DeSantis and looks to minimise misinformation. 

More here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-66739858

Hot takes and latest news

⏩ Humans fooled 62% - AI content is hard to detect

⏩ Wealthy get their own LLM Investment advice from GPT

⏩ 6 new courses to learn all about AI for free

 Artists rally around generative not all designers hate AI

⏩ UNESCO publish AI guidance for education and research

Most influential people in AI


A list of the leading voices in AI - from innovators, shapers, leaders and thinkers has been put together by Time magazine. 

Alongside the usual suspects from OpenAI, X, Nvidia, Cohere and the Silicon Valley good and great, Black Mirror fans will be pleased to see Charlie Booker nestling in the innovator's list - For those who haven't had the pleasure, have a look at the 'Joan is awful' episode. Prescient, dark and funny. 

To get an overview of where we're at with AI, you could do worse than go and follow some of these people. 

See the full list here https://time.com/collection/time100-ai/

YouTube just got interesting

To keep up with exponential tech, go and have a look at the G3NR8 YouTube channel. You'll find emerging technology insights, case studies and tools, and how we're building a fast-growing business - You'll also get the occasional ju-jitsu lesson from Tom and might even get to vote on whether Roy should wear a hat ever again. 

Boring it ain't.

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Bad AI: Image of the day


As part of our Bad AI series, we take a recent tech news story and run it through generative image tools with minimal prompts, just 'cos. This time the story is about China banning government workers from using iPhones and Apple's subsequent £160bn drop in share value.

Prompt: China stops workers using iPhones

Output: Blimey. Where do I start? - at the man looking intently at the back of his phone, what could he be staring at so deeply? the smokey sleeves? (A clever ploy to hide telltale AI hands?) I'm not even going to mention the weird chicken/lion/unmentionable stuff on the sides of the image. 

We'll give this 2/10 for effort and 7/10 for oddness.

Generative AI, you disappoint me sometimes.


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