Generative AI 

Generative AI refers to a broad range of AI systems that can generate new content such as text, images, audio and video that has never existed before. As these technologies grow more advanced, they enable powerful applications spanning content creation, data, media and beyond.

G3NR8 endeavours to use AI systems in an ethical, transparent way for ourselves and our clients.


Our Approach to AI

As a new consultancy focused on Generative AI and Web3, we have an opportunity to establish responsible practices and oversight right from the start. While AI enables us to create value for clients in new ways, proactively aligning our use of this powerful technology with ethical values is important.

• We will educate all members of our team on AI safety, ethics and responsible design.

• Any autonomous publishing or deployment of generative content should have human-in-the-loop oversight.

• We will be clear when generative AI is used within our client work.

• Educating our clients on the opportunities and challenges of AI use is important.

• We will adhere to guidelines on data, privacy and ethics as standard.

• We keep abreast of changes to AI  regulation within the UK and overseas.

• We regularly review the latest AI models, tools and resources to give our company and clients the most appropriate advice.

• Before expanding to higher-risk generative applications, we will ensure robust oversight processes are in place.

• We will turn down work that proposes unethical use of AI.

Thoughtful, Strategic AI

Our goal is to build an business that benefits from generative AI opportunities while proactively addressing its challenges.

We believe with forethought, ethics and oversight, we can steer generative AI toward postive impact.

As generative and AI systems continue to evolve rapidly, having an AI approach and guidelines will be important for all businesses.

In addressing these new capabilities and use cases, challenges, and best practices organisations can thrive with exponential technologies.

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Most businesses don't have an AI policy. Get a competitive advantage by downloading the G3NR8 AI Policy Framework. Built with key sections from the ISO AI Management System BS ISO/IEC 42001:2023.