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Feb 02, 2024


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In this issue

💡The New Google takes a bow

🤼 The ChatGPT app store is here

😎 NYT Vs OpenAI

🌐 Write your AI policy now

😎 Hot takes and news in exponential tech

❌ Bad AI



Welcome to your new search engine: Perplexity goes global


Who doesn't ❤️ Google? What's not to love about 10 blue links, extortionate PPC costs and obtuse backlink strategies to game results? Don't be evil indeed. 

There's a new-ish kid on the block, Perplexity.AI that has just gotten a massive cash injection from to the tune of nearly $74m (lncluding from Uncle Jeff - big tech doesn't move far from innovation when it scales - no one wants to miss the AI wave) their play is all about contextual search and has some useful chops when it comes to their hybrid approach - a mix of LLMs, search, research and content outputs. 

You can try out different modes - only using research papers for your answers, testing different LLMs from OpenAI, Anthropic and the like. You can also use it like ChatGPT to get answers to your most important questions.

If Google were starting today, they'd look something like Perplexity. Try it out here: https://www.perplexity.ai/



The 'AI appstore' is here - introducing the custom ChatGPT store


OpenAI are launching this week their new 'AI appstore' for GPTs. Plus and pro subscribers (Including G3NR8, natch) got an email last week announcing the rollout. We're launching some of our own GPTs including our AI research paper tool and testing out any useful AI apps - and we'll report back on any amazing finds.

It'll be an interesting ride, whether AI apps will take off consumer wise or be more of an Alexa skills store (i.e. not very good). Our view is that in 2024 AI will be embedded in tons of consumer apps, so the form factor of web based GPTs will be interesting to note whether they take off or not. 

OpenAI should be widening access beyond plus and enterprise users to drive usage, we'll see how that takes shape this week.

Find out more here 



New York Times Vs OpenAI

The future of publishing, content copyright and degrees in journalism are being decided as we speak. Our friends at the New York Times have launced a pretty big lawsuit in the US against OpenAI, claiming they are copying content 'ad verbatim' at scale.

The two were until recently negotiating a deal for content, but that seems to have gone a bit south. OpenAI are currently in negotiations with several other large publishers over access to content but the NY Times seem to have taken umbrage over their usage of copyrighted material. No doubt a 'fair usage' defence will be used by OpenAI to counter, but there's no guarantee that will be accepted.

Its a bit of a banner case, as we've seen more than one US judge rule in favour of AI - See Silverman, where in other cases such one against Midjourney, Deviant and Stable Diffusion rulings are more mixed.

Watch this one, how it plays out may have an effect on the speed of AI rollout, creator economy and indeed big journalism. 


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The latest episode of BAD AI

Ah, Where's Wally. The doyen of many an hour of fun/frustration. Surely Generative AI can be really helpful in creating some new Wally scenarios. What a whizzer idea. Lets have a go.


This might take a while.

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