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The UN, Apple and Starting Your AI Strategy 

May 20, 2024
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UN AI resolution passed

In a landmark move, the United Nations has endorsed the first-ever global resolution on AI. This is a significant step towards international cooperation in ensuring AI technologies are developed and deployed in a 'safe, secure, and trustworthy manner'.

Why it matters: Most of the AI resolutions around the world don't have a lot of teeth - this may help drive a more consistent narrative around data and privacy for individuals and businesses.

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AI winners and observers from BCG

Boston Consulting Group surveyed over 1400 C-Suite executives on their 2024 AI plans. What are the characteristics that set apart the 'winners' from the 'observers'? 

  • Investment in productivity and topline growth.
  • Systematic upskilling.
  • Vigilance about AI cost of use.
  • A focus on building strategic relationships.
  • Implementation of responsible AI principles.

See the report here - and consider how many of these has your organisation got underway?



The world's best emerging tech podcast 


Get trends, business ideas, building in public and the latest on good and bad AI on the G3NR8 podcast. It's not business as usual, but neither are you.

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Apple ❤️s Google

Are Apple about to pull an AI market masterstroke? A proposed alliance with Google to run the Google Gemini model on iPhones could open up a new AI Internet.

Why it matters: 2 billion Apple devices are in use right now. Apple switching this on would give a quarter of the world AI access overnight - data, personalisation and opportunities would be massive (as would the compute and energy resources needed)

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How to create an AI strategy

At G3NR8 we're all about lean and fast practical outputs that are ROI-driven. Strategy doesn't have to be complicated. Our AI strategy approach helps frame the problem, find high-impact areas and ensure your organisation benefits immediately.

If you need help with AI strategy, we'll jump on a call with you to talk it through. 

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Trends and Insight shorts

iRobot vibes from startup Figure

Reddit IPO there's gold in AI

Anthony Joshua advert soulless or genius

World Economic Forum visualising AI



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