AI & Legal Webinar:
 What You Need
To Know

14th May: 12.00pm-1.00pm (GMT)

Find out about the legal landscape and AI - from copyright to IP,  upcoming regulations and what they mean for businesses. Get armed with insight and knowledge and get started on the right footing with AI.



AI Training for In-House Creative Agencies 

A high impact 6-week live online course for creative and marketing leaders

Starts Thursday 6th June.


Join The In-House AI Course

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Join us on the 6th June for our AI course for In-House agency creative and marketing professionals.


Why attend the course? We'll be cutting through the fluff and talking about practical strategies and ways to use AI in your organisation.

Get a comprehensive understanding of the AI landscape and where and how it can be applied in creative and marketing.  We'll help you gain the knowledge to confidently drive your In-House agency forward. We'll look forward to seeing you on the course.

The In-House Agencies AI Course Format

The course runs over 6 weeks, with 3 webinars and 3 AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to consolidate learning. Courses are held over zoom at 10.00am GMT every week - Webinars run from 10.00am-11.30am with AMA sessions the following week between running from 10.00am-11.00am.


Introduction to Generative AI 

  • AI 101 and landscape.
  • Exploring different types of Generative AI relevant to In-House creative agencies - image, video, and text generation.
  • How Large Language Models (LLMs) work¬†
  • Largest areas of impact
  • Risk, privacy and data

Creative and marketing  

  • Gen AI for creative and marketing teams
  • Strategic prompting across TOV and being on-brand¬†
  • Creative imagery process and outputs, key tools¬†¬†
  • Real-world use cases for Gen AI
  • AI Policy and how to start implementing

Implement and advancing AI 

  • Gen AI brand messaging & prompt frameworks - replicating brand TOV, creating content for different channels
  • Gen AI data analysis
  • Advances in image generation implementation¬†
  • Top tools and platforms
  • Starting your AI strategy

Webinars are supported by 3 AMA sessions

These are run the week after each webinar and offer you the chance to ask any burning questions, go over anything that isn't clear or into specifics around particular issues or challenges. 

Meet your trainers 

Tom and Roy have trained teams from brands like Lloyds bank, Tottenham Hotspur and Transport for London and will be leading the course - taking you through the AI landscape, use cases, approaches and practical ways to implement learnings. They'll lead the learning webinars and also run the 3 live AMA sessions to consolidate understanding and ask anything you need to about Generative AI.

Tom Head

Co-founder G3NR8. 20+ years in digital strategy working with clients inlcuding the NHS, JP Morgan and RedBull.


Roy Murphy

Co-founder G3NR8. 20+ years in digital innovation working with clients including Perrigo, Gousto and Oracle.


We've trained over 100 communcations teams from large organisations

Join the In-House AI course for creative and marketing teams and gain from our experience of the common pain points and how to solve core AI challenges.

Why you should join on the course

1. State of Play

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the AI landscape with a focus on In-House agency creative teams.

2. Where to use AI

Learn to effectively utilise Generative AI tools from content creation, analysis and marketing perspectives.

3. How it works

Develop the foundation to translate AI knowledge into tangible ways to increase productivity and efficiency.

4. Ethics, IP & Privacy

Understand copyright, bias and how to mitigate fast-moving AI changes and challenges within legal and IP areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

"AI Market trends are brilliant. The explanation of activity, tools and capabilities is brilliant. The speakers are great, very personable and very well delivered."
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