The future belongs to companies who are able to harness the power and insight of their own data and combine that with the best AI and ML technologies. Delivering significant ROI and creating a competitive moat for those that succeed.

Your Business, Amplified 


Custom AI solutions can redefine your business, offering ways to speed up repetitive tasks, gather insight from data or build new customer experiences. Giving you a strategic edge and transforming challenges into opportunities. Unique needs drive our approach, ensuring AI integration aligns seamlessly with your strategic objectives and operational framework.


Identify The Vision

The journey begins by pinpointing the exact challenges and questions your business faces. This clarity guides your solution, aligning with your strategic objectives.


Data Mastery

Leverage every data source, structured or unstructured, to transform data into a potent asset for your enterprise. It's not just about data; it's about unlocking a treasure trove of insights.


Precision in Preparation

The integrity of your data is paramount. Through meticulous cleaning and preparation, ensure your data is primed for precise analysis, setting a solid foundation for insightful decisions.


Choosing the Right AI and ML Models

The magic happens when the right AI and ML models meet your unique needs. Enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and unveil new opportunities with models chosen just for you.


Seamless Integration

Enhance your existing systems with AI solutions that blend effortlessly, like integrating with MS Teams for enhanced collaboration. It's about creating a solution that grows and evolves with your business.


Planning for the Future

Stay ahead of the curve with strategies that anticipate future needs and opportunities. It's about ensuring your business is not just reacting to the present but leading into the future.

Other Services

AI Policy 

A series of workshops to ensure your AI Policy is comprehensive and the wider teams understand how to adopt it effectively.

AI Governance

A quarterly (board) meeting  to ensure AI governance is in place and teams are aligned. Your Chief AI Officer (or extension of that role).

M&A Profiling

Custom built industry insights and company identification. Scored using our M&A framework matched to your requirements.

AI Training

AI training for leaders and teams ensuring knowledge is at a high standard and the best tools and processes are being utlised.


Most businesses don't have an AI policy. Get a competitive advantage by downloading the G3NR8 AI Policy Framework. Built with key sections from the ISO AI Management System BS ISO/IEC 42001:2023.