The ability to swiftly translate data into actionable strategies is paramount. Our methodology enables you to harness insights from any data source, leveraging cutting-edge AI and ML techniques to convert complex information into clear direction, outputs and ROI.

Your Research Framework 

Clarify Your Query, Identify Your Data Sources 

The first step in unlocking the full potential of your data is to precisely define the question you're seeking to answer. With this you can then embark on the critical task of identifying the most suitable data sources and/or ML models. Both structured and unstructured data can deliver insight through advanced AI and ML techniques. 

Data Cleaning and Preparation

The thorough review, cleaning, and formatting of your data to ensure its accuracy and consistency is essential for clear insights. The dataset is refined, keeping only relevant information and standardised, especially when dealing with multiple languages. We maintain a unified analysis framework, setting the stage for precise and actionable insights.

Selecting the Right AI & ML Models

The best, most appropriate, AI or ML models are selected for the particular research project. Either classification frameworks are built in conjunction with AI, sometimes using a zero shot approach but normally a one-shotfew shot approach, or multiple machine learning models are tested rapidly to find the ones that deliver most insight.

Generative AI is then used to turn insights into actionable strategies rapidly. This arms brand and marketing teams with up to date, insight driven content, that produces results.

Other Services

AI Policy 

A series of workshops to ensure your AI Policy is comprehensive and the wider teams understand how to adopt it effectively.

AI Governance

A quarterly (board) meeting  to ensure AI governance is in place and teams are aligned. Your Chief AI Officer (or extension of that role).

M&A Profiling

Custom built industry insights and company identification. Scored using our M&A framework matched to your requirements.

AI Training

AI training for leaders and teams ensuring knowledge is at a high standard and the best tools and processes are being utlised.