The path to AI transformation is as unique as your business. Our approach is designed to integrate AI seamlessly, ensuring it aligns with your strategic goals, operational framework, and provides a competitive advantage across your industry.

Our 6 Week Strategy Sprint 

Understanding Your Business 

Using a proven framework your business is comprehensively understood. we delve into the core of your business, examining your structure, value proposition, and customer dynamics. We align this deep understanding with an assessment of your organisational culture and tech readiness, crafting a solid foundation for a strategy that's as informed as it is insightful. 

Stakeholder Insights

Next, we engage in targeted stakeholder interviews to unearth critical insights into your operations. By identifying areas of repetitive tasks and underutilised data, we shine a light on hidden opportunities and insights, revealing potential you may not have known existed. It's about transforming the unseen into actionable intelligence, paving the way for innovation and efficiency.

Strategic AI Roadmap

The culmination of this process is a strategic plan that isn't just a document - it's a blueprint for your future. Assessing opportunities based on impact, proximity to your strategic goals and complexity means AI solutions are not only innovative, they are also prioritised and aligned with your overall direction and overarching vision.

Other Services

AI Policy 

A series of workshops to ensure your AI Policy is comprehensive and the wider teams understand how to adopt it effectively.

AI Governance

A quarterly (board) meeting  to ensure AI governance is in place and teams are aligned. Your Chief AI Officer (or extension of that role).

M&A Profiling

Custom built industry insights and company identification. Scored using our M&A framework matched to your requirements.

AI Training

AI training for leaders and teams ensuring knowledge is at a high standard and the best tools and processes are being utlised.


AI success starts with a thoughtful, strategic approach. It should cover objective setting, finding high-impact use cases as well as governance, ethics and employee upskilling. Find out more in our guide.